Never Run Out: An app, so that your fridge talks to the supermarket 🍎


πŸ“± For a Germany-based multinational in kitchen appliances production, we designed and developed the first version of an iOS application-controlled system that lets users maintain their fridge easily. This design was showcased at a public outing demonstrating the future of kitchen appliances, and was tried out with commercial cruise ships.

πŸ›’ With the application, users can scan their food as they go into the fridge or the freezer. For the first version, we used QR codes to make things a bit easier. The scanning may also be made with the barcode in later iterations.

🧊 With commercial use cases in mind, we included an object movement control feature that lets the application tell whenever a scannable item is near the fridge. This lets the application remind you to β€˜check-in’ what you’ve just bought. This feature can also be advanced so that the app directly recognizes what has just been brought to the fridge’s vicinity.

🍎 Users can set triggered actions: When e.g. your stock of apples is low, if allowed, your fridge can order apples from the nearby supermarket. We had a test-try of this feature with a nearby supermarket, connecting to their stock database.